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It Looks Impossible – But Oh, So Easy – Do It One Minute After You Have It

Here is a trick we believe to be one of the most wonderful witnessing tools ever! It is an adaptation of an optical illusion that has been around for a long time. But now there is a real reason for attempting this puzzle. Our original design, Gospel Dollar, has been cut into four pieces. If you assemble the pieces with the back (green side) showing, the four pieces make a complete dollar bill. If you turn them over and assemble them with the front showing (the black side), there is a piece missing in the center. Remember, the spectator is the one who does the actual assembling of the pieces. The surprise comes when spectator assembles the face-up bill and the picture of Jesus is missing. This is the way it is with many people, Jesus is missing in their lives. You then produce a small envelope. Inside the envelope is the missing piece with the picture of Jesus on it and it fits perfectly in the center of the bill. Only when we have Jesus in the center of our life, will we find complete and perfect peace.

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