About Us

Hi. Twinkles and Rick are Make It Magic.


Twinkles is the founder and owner of

Make It Magic.


Twinkles is the founder and owner of Make-It-Magic. Her magical experiences have taken her from the streets and stages of amusement parks to the Atlantic City casino theaters and Vegas with the Women of Magic.

Her years of work have culminated into the desire to help young magicians get the guidance they need to get the "Big Break" of their dreams. She focuses her help for them by suggesting tricks and teaching the art of magic based on their skill level and interest. She has what it takes to help the beginner or the pro.

Not only is she Twinkles the Magician, she is Twinkles the Clown!


Rick Starkey has been doing magic since 7th grade.


Rick Starkey has been doing magic since he was in the 7th grade. After high school he worked for Ripley's International in the magic shop at the "World of the Unexplained" museum in Gatlinburg, TN. He has performed various shows for children in schools and even in day care and head start classes.

Rick is also a children’s author!

Blues Bones is his debut middle grade novel, and he has sold short pieces to the international children’s magazine, Highlights for Children. When he is not doing magic, you may find him doing author visits in schools. He is also a musician and songwriter.