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SLAPPED FLAT CREATED BY CHRIS LARSON & PAUL RICHARDS A card is freely selected, signed, and then lost in the deck. You squeeze a quarter and it disappears! The deck is spread out to reveal the quarter has reappeared on top of the selected card! You offer to repeat the effect, but this time you ask the spectator to hold their hand on the deck to insure that you can't do anything "tricky". The coin vanishes; the deck is spread ... but, uh-oh! The spectator pushed a little too hard! The quarter is actually smashed flat and stuck on the back of one card! The card is turned over ... and it is the signed selection! Unfortunately, the card is ruined and the spectator is out twenty-five cents ... no problem, the coin visibly pops off the back of the card and returns to its original state! The card and coin can immediately be handed out for examination ... heck they can keep them if they want! SLAPPED FLAT also includes a magical way of handing out your business card and an ultra easy handling in which the coin reappears while the spectator is handling the card! The instructions are fully detailed with photo illustrations. Any Bicycle deck can be used and the effect comes complete with four SLAPPED FLAT "coins", two half dollars and two quarters, as well as everything else you need to perform this charming effect.

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