Siren Surprise

Product Description
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Japan's Fukai is one of magic's greatest treasures. Magicians all over the world always look forward to his new magic effects. This is no exception; introducing Siren Surprise!

A card is selected (can even be signed) and placed back in the deck and shuffled. The cards are then spread across the table and a miniature toy po lice car is introduced. The spectator is asked to roll the car across the cards. All of a sudden, the lights flash and the alarm sounds!

The performer takes away the cards until only a handful are left on the table. Placing these cards in a row, the spectator is again invited to roll the po lice car until... the siren alarms and the lights flash again on just one card. In case you haven't guessed it, the card is turned over to reveal the chosen, signed card.

Siren Surprise uses a regular deck of cards and can be performed anytime, anywhere. Perfect for strolling and close-up performers, everything fits in your pocket and is ready to go at a moment's notice.

Comes complete with miniature electronic police car, gimmick, and detailed instructions. Car is Blue

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