PK Bolt Off Nut

Product Description
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A bolt threaded into a nut visibly un-threads itself. The nut and bolt can be totally isolated in a clear container. The spectator may thread the bolt into the nut and he can examine everything thoroughly.  You can now perform the effect on the spectator's hand and set-up takes less than a minute.  The entire effect fits in your pocket.  No strings, elastic bands or exchanges. Supplied with a nut and bolt, clear case, and gimmick with detailed instructions.

This uncanny PK effect is completely different in method and working, and approaches “real magic” as close as possible.  The main features of this model are that you use a nut and bolt that can be thoroughly examined, the nut genuinely threaded on to the bolt by the spectator, who may himself place this in isolation in a clear container.   There are no other requirements or special handling of bolt or nut involved. In terms of presentation, this effect is as clean cut as it could possibly get. Another advantage is that you could repeat this as often as you liked. There is no limit to the number of times this can be repeated.  This apparatus also makes it possible to have the bolt thread into or out of the nut as you wish. 

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