Mystic Domino Magic (With Trivia)

Product Description
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A very clever pocket trick with an added touch by Leslie Thyagarajan.


Dominoes are placed on the table. You write a prediction on a piece of paper and keep it aside. Ask your audience to form a chain with the dominoes, matching the symbols together end to end. The two symbols at the end of the chain magically match the prediction on the piece of paper. This can be performed as many times as you like with different results each time.


At the back of each Domino is a bit of  trivia or “Edutainment." Kids or adults can tease their brains by forming their own, or recalling what they know about Anagrams, Pangrams, Palindromes and oddities. “Last time I played the word game for the word 'Elephant,' school kids came up with more than 50 words." The symbols on the dominoes are also food for thought. What does “Yin-Yang” mean ? What does the “Skull” stand for? etc.


The dominoes are 2.5″ x 1.5″ in size and are made from durable board. They will last for a long time and are a steal at the price. Comes complete with instructions.

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