Magical Die

Product Description
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The dots on a big die's sides change, then the whole die vanishes! The vanished die turns up in the magician's pocket. The magician shows the audience a big die between his fingers. The side facing the audience has 5 dots on it. The rear side has 3 dots. The magician turns the die over several times so the two numbers could be easily remembered, 5 and 3. Then he shakes the die and the rear side turned into a 2! The magician puts the die into a cube which has two open sides, sides 5 and 1 are visible now. He asks the audience to guess which numbers these sides would turn into this time. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6? Let them guess! He tosses the die within the cube into the air, and the cube falls back into his hands empty. The die vanished! It reappears in the magician's pocket!

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