Kids Kards Magic Deck

Product Description
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The magician explains that as a gift, a group of children he once performed for sent him an illustrated deck of cards they'd made. Unfortunately, the cards weren't much good for performing. So the magician changed the hand illustrated cards into a honest to goodness factory printed deck! He dribbles through the pack, and magically all the cards have changed.  With the brand new deck, a mind reading effect is demonstrated and proves a hit! Then, wracked with guilt at changing the beautiful gift into a model of magical conformity, the magician reverses the process, changing the cards back into the deck he started with - simply illustrated cards.


Each Kids Kards deck comes complete and ready to work. As you can see from the images, the artwork on the "kid" cards is charming - both the faces and backs have been custom printed and are perfectly in tune with the patter story of children designing a deck of cards. The trick is nearly self-working, and fans of visual card magic will not be disappointed with the cards. Each set of Kids Kards is supplied with a custom printed box and directions by inventor Richard Pinner.

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