Comedy Egg Can - Don Allans

Product Description
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Don Alan created this hilarious comedy routine, with mystery and punch!! An egg is broken into a canister. A card is clamped over the top of the cannister. Both are inverted and put on top of a boy's head. The performer pretends to forget what comes next. Then remembers (?).The instructions for the trick are printed on the card under the can, on the boy's head.So he pulls out the card and reads it aloud. "Do not remove this card." Oh, Ooo!! Did it again. How to get out of this mess? Solution----he gives the boy an eggbeater to beat the egg as it falls down----'cause he plans to take the can off the boy's head. When the can is removed, the egg has vanished much to the boy's relief.The can is placed on the performer's hand and lifted off. Now seen standing on the hand, is a tall glass of candy, which may be passed out or given to the boy who has been helping. Complete with canister, glass and card. Don't pass this one up.

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