Business Card Scanner

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El Duco's Business Card Scanner Trick Take your Blank business card and put it under the clip of your pen. Move the pen like a scanner over the card. Believe it or not - the card is now completely printed with your name and address! Hand over the card and the reciever will never forget you! EFFECT: A blank business card will be printed when you move your pen over it. ** Includes 2 Bonus Routines! ** Predict A Signed Card: You write a prediction on a paper, fold it and give it to a spectator to hold. Another spectator now has a free choice of a card from a deck. The card is placed face down in the case. To make it impossible to switch the card, the spectator takes out the card, Its The Ace Of Clubs! The Flying Bill: In this effect, you can use the case to vanish a signed bill which appears in another place, for example a lemon, envelope, etc ..

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