21 Century Card Trick - Sinclair

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Here is the trick that inspired Ton Onasaka's "Mirage" and took the Magic world by storm. The Magician has the Five of Diamonds selected. This is handed to a spectator who holds the card face down in his outstretched hand. The Magician shows a transparent piece of plastic, the size of a Jumbo card. This is described as special X-Ray film. The plastic sheet is passed over the hand of the spectator. SUDDENLY in BOLD WHITE PRINT is a picture of the chosen card, the five of diamonds. The card on the spectator's hand is turned over, it is indeed the five of diamonds. But wait, it has transformed into a white five of diamonds against a black background.

Please note, there are no switches. The transparent sheet you show at the beginning is the same as the one you have at the end.

Unavailable since 2007 this is now back in stock as a limited edition. This is one of those tricks that you'll play with in front of the mirror, and you won't believe your own eyes.

Not to be missed, this item is great not only in close-up but the special transparent jumbo card lends itself to stand-up routines as well.

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