Crystal Hexagon Tube by Mizoguchi

Product Description
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The creator of “Chameleon Champagne”, Mizoguchi takes us to the nex  generation of visual magic. Visual Mystery.

With this “Crystal Hexagon Tube”, many effects are available, such as vanishing, appearing, color changing, transforming, flying silk…… You will be so excited to use and come up with something new!!!

(Example Effect #1) Appearing
Magician shows a transparent tube, and a silk appears inside the tube in a blink of an eye.

(Example Effect #2, Vanishing)
Magician shows a silk and places it inside the empty and transparent tube.
The silk is definitely staying inside the tube… Everybody sees there is a silk inside the tube, however, with magician’s finger snap, the silk disappears.
He even shows all around the tube, but the silk cannot be found it there……

(Example Effect #3, Color Changing Silk)
Magician places a red silk inside tube. Yes, it is red Silk….. Oh, actually, it WAS red silk.
When the magician says magic words, the red silk VISUALLY changes into a Blue (different colored) silk.
(Any color to any color is Ok, imagination & color variation is unlimited!)

(Example Effect #4, Transforming)
Magician places 4 different colored silks, one by one separately inside the tube.
When he retrieves the silks from the tube, it magically transforms into a multi-colored, single silk.
Unlimited variations will be available.-
Effect #4-1
Place three single silks inside the tube. Then retrieve the silk. They are now tied each other!

Effect #4-2
Place red and white single silks, then they transform into a single red & white striped silk!

Effect #4-3,4, 5 and more…… it’s unlimited!!

(Example Effect #5, Flying Silk) With Perfect Mirror Glass (sold separately)
Magician shows a red silk and places it a transparent tube.
Instantaneously, the red silk has gone away somewhere.
Actually, the red silk is INVISBLY flying. He shows a transparent glass.
Then the red silk visually appears inside the transparent glass!!!

The uses of the “Crystal Hexagon Tube” are unlimited.

・Comes with “Crystal Hexagon Tube”, “Magic Wand”, and online instructional video.

・You can use up to 18”(45cm) silk for "Crystal Hexagon Tube".
Please provide your own silk(s). d silk!

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