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It may look like the original YOT puzzle, but it's not. It's heavier and thicker, contains a US silver dollar, and most importantly, it's a different solution.


The YOT is a cylindrical metal piece with a circle cut through the middle. A coin is placed in the cut out and a lid is placed on top of the coin, trapping it in the cylinder. The performer is able to remove both the lid and the coin. But when he hands the piece to the spectator, they are not able to remove the lid. The performer is always able to lift the lid, but the spectator never accomplishes that feat. This is a real thinker. Beautifully constructed and very durable.

The YOT is a shiny metal disc (not a UFO!) that holds a US silver dollar sized coin or medallion. The challenge is to remove the coin without power tools.

It relies on an advanced law of physics- can you solve the YOT? Hint: The secret is in the 'Sphinx'.

The solution requires logical thought, intuition and imagination. It's fun to test your 'metal' on the YOT!

We get requests for the solution secret all the time- can you solve it without asking?

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