World of Super Mentalism by Larry Becker - Book 1

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Larry Becker is a name that has achieved international recognition among practitioners of the conjuring arts. Since 1951, his many contributions to magical publications have clearly established his outstanding creativity. But, above all else, magicians and mentalists alike have benefited from the striking simplicity of method that has become a hallmark of the effects that bear his name. .

This was his first book, and it contains some of his best routines for you to study and learn from.  At last a big book containing a collection of mind staggering demonstrations of ESP by one of the best and most creative mentalists.  Easy to prepare mental feats using playing cards and other easily acquired props. Many of the special items you will need are included in the book for easy removal. This is highly practical and commercial material you will use often.  Softcover, 156 pages.  Contains:

  • It's In The Bag - the thoughts of three spectators are correctly revealed. A no-gimmick mental miracle
  • Four-Told -  An entertaining horoscope reading climaxed by a prediction
  • Some Total -  One of the finest "addition effects" ever conceived
  • Lorayne's Mental Masterpiece
  • Astro Dice - Discern number on a die hidden beneath a cup
  • Perplexing ESP plaques
  • Hot Seat - A baffling stage prediction using four spectators, four chairs and an extremely simple method

Plus 20 more complete mentalism routines and effects

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